08 Comparative Immigration lecture 8

08 Comparative Immigration lecture 8 - Dividing Lines:...

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Dividing Lines: Immigrants, Nativists and Parties Comparative Immigration Politics Lecture 8 September 13, 2010 The challenge of making immigration policy more restrictive 1776-1896: Lack of restrictions Path dependence: “early conditions and choices send public policy along a distinctive developmental path…” The actors Nativist organizations Political parties Immigrants and immigrant organizations Other interests (e.g., business, social interests) Four interlocking processes Dynamism of national governing structures - Changes in institutions which provide new opportunities – to try and restrict immigration which included the committees, creation of new institutions that led to immigration staying open. Changing coalitions of organized interests Lack of coalition to restrict immigration Importance of immigrant vote Four Interlocking Processes Professional expertise Immigration restriction league (IRL) – pro immigration entities that developed at the same time. First time we are seeing immigration organiations? International pressures – expanding in Philippines and carribean. None (except some success in expanding U.S. holdings in the Philippines and Caribbean)
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Nativism A sociopolitical policy, especially in the United States in the 19th century, favoring the interests of established inhabitants over those of immigrants . 1821-1900 major increases from 98k all the way up to more coming from Italy, eurpean countries. What are some examples of nativism?
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08 Comparative Immigration lecture 8 - Dividing Lines:...

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