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09 lecture about chiense immigration 9-15-10

09 lecture about chiense immigration 9-15-10 - Extra credit...

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Extra credit Immigration brown bag invitation – Friday sept. 17 th at 12:30pm Sid Richardson Hall, room 3.124 Chinese and us immigration laws, 1882 1943 Madeline Y Hsu Early immigration restrictions The first enforced US immigration laws targeted Chinese. When passed, the os called Chinese Exclusion Law (1882) attempted to restrict the entry of a group that comprised only .2 percent of the US population Why were Chinese unwelcome in the United States? Jobs were an issue Surplus of chinese immigrants Competition for west coast votes California was a swing state in 1880 Hostility to chinese not so much as a matter of national prejudice but because of California Majority of chinese were in California Internal mingling of races wasn’t favorable Darwins orginia of species in 1859, there was a scientic basis that races should not mix Us was experiencing depression in 1870s China was closer to California than wast the eastern coast of US Gold rush made calfornia popular
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  • Spring '07
  • Madrid
  • Immigration Act of 1924, Chinese American history, History of immigration to the United States, Chinese Exclusion Law, chinese immigrants Competition

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