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10 Government September 17

10 Government September 17 - Government Those that...

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Government September 17, 2010 Those that encouraged chinese – protests missionaries Republicans, didn’t like it Could not become voters. Were able to hold off discrimination. Chinese Exclusion During expansive immigration policies for Europeans o Setting the stage for future restrictions Nativism vs. Sinophobia o Nativism tried to ensure that those born in America would receive preferential treatment. o Sinophobia = racism targeting Chinese The context o California and the gold rush My favorite: Leland Stanford Transcontinental Railroad and “Robber Barons” They were given benefits because they were building the transcontinental railroad Chinese vs. European Immigration Contract Labor (coolies) Unions vs unskilled chinese labor Economic downturns Increased overland migrants Te players o Radical Republicans Opposed slavery and campaigned for equal rights for blacks after the civil war- mainly influential during 1870s.
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