13 Comparative Immigration lecture 13

13 Comparative Immigration lecture 13 - Dividing Lines From...

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Unformatted text preview: Dividing Lines: From Quotas to Preferences Comparative Immigration Politics Lecture 13 September 24, 2010 Announcements Extra Credit – Be sure to turn in within a few days of event – Films can be borrowed – Start to see shift towards restrictive immigration regime. Shift within politicl parties themselves. Post-WWII America – don’t want to open up immigration because people coming home from war and want jobs open: these are factors shift away from restrictionist policy to a more open policy! – The resurgence of pro-immigrant groups Jewish groups “Never again” Fight for Hispanic rights American Council for the Protection of the Foreign Born - less – Impact of Nazi racist theory on American Academics – The Cold War – meant that we could no longer just focus inwardly. Dominoe theory. Led to our involvement in conlifcts around tehw orld. Led us to want us to have people wanted to be in the u.s. we had to be open to people coming into the u.s. – Presidential Power – led to president being able to get around restrictions – Civil Rights Movement – needed to have right position of immigration, The Goals – Aiding Displaced Persons (refugees) in Europe – lot of refurgees from Europe, marshall plan was in plan but for many people their villages were destroyed nowhere to go, so many groups were working towards us to allow more people to get in, having them not be subject to quota laws – Dismantling National Origins Quotas – shiting focus away from northern and western Europe and allowing other people to come into the country –...
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13 Comparative Immigration lecture 13 - Dividing Lines From...

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