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Comparative Immigration lecture 20

Comparative Immigration lecture 20 - put into detention as...

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Immigration Policy and Security Chapter 3: U.S. Asylum and Refugee Policy Towards Muslim Nations Since 9/11 Comparative Immigration Politics Lecture 20 October 11, 2010 Announcements and News Midterm questions In the News Refugees in Arizona More on “Secure Communities” Muslims in America Frontline Refugee regimes UN High Commission for Refugees State Department European Union Council of Europe Muslims as asylum seekers and refugees after 9/11 Hypothesis “ applicants from predominantly Muslim countries face greater scrutiny and suspicion when trying to enter the United States” “High-Risk” groups – certain set of countreies were denying being high risk National Security Exit-Entry Registration system (NSE-ERS) Detentions – issue in Europe. Refugees are screen before they can come to the U.S. people can be
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Unformatted text preview: put into detention as they are waiting for the system. “Operation Liberty Shield” Refugee Resettlements Discussion “lack of discrimination in the refugee/asylum system may be due to liberal norms that have become embedded in the immigration policies of Western states” …does not mean discrimination doesn’t exist in other areas – e.g., airport searches, etc… Questions In what ways were people from Muslim countries targeted after 9/11? ◦ Detention, registration , exit entry program, operation liberty shield. Need to be able to give description of what that was about. What has happened with the entry of refugees from Muslim countries since 9/11? ◦...
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Comparative Immigration lecture 20 - put into detention as...

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