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GOV312LExam1ShortAnswerQuestions - 8/30 What kinds of...

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8/30 · What kinds of Challenges is the U.S. facing in terms of immigration policy today, according to MPI? o MPI READING (FIRST READING) · What kinds of ideas are being considered for redesigning immigration policy? o Comprehensive Immigration Reform is needed. Some factors under consideration and/or in need of change: § Visas- Increasing the amount of visas distributed to limit illegal immigration. It is necessary to find a balance point between immigration accepted and a cut-off point. § Amnesty- Giving the illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. citizenship (or green cards). The general consensus is that these who have entered illegally will need to go to the back of the line for legal immigration. § Enforcing the Rules § Security- Improving coordination and having different security organization work together. § Integration- Create an entity to coordinate with local areas to help immigrant integration. § Coordination- One of the most problematic factors for past and current immigration organizations: how to get the entities working together. · Besides Homeland Security, name 4 agencies that have dealt with immigration in the U.S. (past or present) o State Department- They deal with visa issuance and refugee policy issues (customer service) They are pro-immigration o Department of Labor- They deal with work visas and workplace immigration rules. Generally pro-immigration o Department of Defense- (Army, Navy, Marines) They deal with high seas interdictions. They need immigrants to increase troops, and are one of the most effective lobbying groups for immigration. They are pro-immigration. o Department of Health and Human Services- They deal with refugee resettlement programs. o FBI- tests all visas. 9/1 · What were some of the factors that led to the creation of the department of homeland security? o Most prominent factor: 9/11 terrorist attack. o INS issues: conflict between customer service/enforcement, coordination and overburdened bureaucracy issues. · What were some of the key challenges facing the INS prior to the creation of the DHS? o The INS conducted immigration inspections, regulated permanent and temporary immigration to the U.S., maintained control of U.S. borders, and identified and removed people who have no lawful immigration status in the U.S. Between these tasks, the INS suffered a major conflict between customer service (green cards and visas) and enforcement (deportation, controlling borders). In the INS bureaucracy, the system was overburdened and had coordination issues. · How was the INS divided as of March 2003?
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  • Spring '07
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  • Immigration to the United States, comprehensive immigration reform, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services

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GOV312LExam1ShortAnswerQuestions - 8/30 What kinds of...

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