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Government monday - 5 questions 1-3 paragraphs Jot down outline if out of time Outline when you get the test D HS Before formation of DHS it was I

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5 questions, 1-3 paragraphs. Jot down outline if out of time. Outline when you get the test. DHS. Before formation of DHS, it was INS handling immigration. Brief window where INS still stands. Immigration split 3 different groups within DHS. US-CIS is assistance for immigrants. CBP – security. ICE- enforcement. Prior to creation of INS …. INS created because federalization of immigration. Fed gov is forced to create beauracry to deal with it. Ellis island becomes INS. 9/11 happens. Split into 3 categories. Central problem was conflict between customer service and enforcement : people like to paint thin line between legal and illegal. Things are better. Latino question: what is this really asking? Number 51 on your list. Why do restrictions immigration movements disporportaionly impact latinos? More latino immigrants in u.s. than any others. Too small of a question to be on test. Number 5? Key challenges facing INS before DHS? Conflict of customer service and enforcement. Coordination : CIA/FBI, INS is the org with the US gov resonbile for immigration. A lot of whats happening with immigration and borders were happening into other agencies. CIA knew people of being terrorist but didn’t communicate with INS. Customs was hadneld in commerce department outside of immigration. Overburdened system – under funded. Number 15? Too big to be on test. If it IS on test it will be dicided into domestic or foreign policy. Or discuss 1 or 2 times they have come into conflict. Example of them conflicting in immigration: business pro expansionist. Unions but even bigger public opinon is restrictionist. Foreign policy : cold war was expanionsit influcnec, increased refugees and immigrants. This conflicted with domestic interest because of public opinion. Us has also been restrictionist public opinon party. We were against bringing refugees in. foregin policy came out ahead. Chinese exclusion act: domestic interest in this is they wanted less chinese workers because they took all the jobs, labor unions were restrictionist. Foreign policy was good relations with China. China was using US as a safety valve. Domestic interest clearly trumpted foregin policy. No effect? Post 9/11, us and mexico were high level neogitaions to alter foreign policy.
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2 ways to answer this: give them a paragraph saying foregina nd policy sometimes conflict. Domestic tends to lean restriitonist with the exception of business. Other one is 2 full paragraphs with big example in each. Thesis is conflicts between something have played a critical role in . Number 3? INS is allowed to be one of them. State department: visas, expansionist. Department of labor. Department of health and human services deal with refugees. DOD, treasury, CIA/FBI. Little more on this question. Treasury pre 9/11 still handled customs , concerned with economy, wanted to be as allowing as possible. Customs moved into DHS, 18? President. He is most obvious. His interest have been expansionist. People who have
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Government monday - 5 questions 1-3 paragraphs Jot down outline if out of time Outline when you get the test D HS Before formation of DHS it was I

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