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Article 2010 Benefit Costs

Article 2010 Benefit Costs - Excerpted from...

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Excerpted from: http://www.towersperrin.com/tp/showdctmdoc.jsp? Towers Perrin Health Care Cost Survey STAMFORD, CT, OCTOBER 8, 2009  — Against a backdrop of prolonged recession, U.S. employers will see an increase in  their medical benefit expenditures of 7% in 2010. The cumulative effect of ongoing cost increases combined with the current  economic climate are creating significant affordability challenges for both employers and employees.  According to Towers Perrin's annual  Health Care Cost Survey, the 7% rise in  2010 medical benefit expenditures,  although marking the sixth consecutive  year of single-digit percentage  increases, will mean record-high costs  for both employers and employees. The  average annual per-employee expense  will cross the $10,000 mark. Analyzing the 2010 data by coverage 
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