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MIS 302F Fall 2010 Exam 1 Study Guide  The Study Guide summarizes the key topics that may be included on Exam 1. For each class, review the assigned readings, PowerPoint slides, and your class notes. The Guides and Ethics Guides in the textbook will not be included on the exam, unless specifically included in the sections below. 30 questions even across the classes we have. ASSIGNED READING. Don’t waste time memorizing acronyms. Companies Review all company examples Understand their problems And related Is solutions Concept Review Why was it created? What does it do? How does it work? How will it be used? The Case Studies and Articles are identified in the class in which they were discussed, but the related concepts may be used anywhere on the exam. Class 1: Introduction to MIS 302F This lecture was an introduction to the overall class. It will not be specifically included on the exam. Recap: Industry Structure – the world in which we operate. Competitive Strategy – how do I beat _____? Value Chain – how we operate. In the book. Switching cost, before developer starting coding, somebody had to have the idea “lets build it”. Technology and software has to have a reason why you do it. Reading: Chapter 3 Terms and Concepts: Strategy Margin Competitive Strategy Linkages Competitive Advantage Competitive Strategy Model MIS 302F Fall 2010 Page 1 of 6 Exam 1 Study Guide
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Industry Structure Model SMART Goals Value Chain Model Switching Costs Barriers to Entry Business Model Case Studies/Articles/Companies: Apple, Dell, Microsoft Netflix, Blockbuster Google, Yahoo Facebook, MySpace Windows 95 turns 15: http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/web/08/25/cnet.microsoft.windows/index.html?
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F10-Exam 1-Study Guide - MIS302FFall2010 Exam1StudyGuide...

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