F10-Exam 2-Study Guide (2)

F10-Exam 2-Study Guide (2) - MIS302FFall2010...

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MIS 302F Fall 2010 Exam 2 Study Guide  we dont start selling it in 6 months, we wont make it. which activites will he look at? he will look a the big one year activites. thats critical path . if he needs to cut big activites. guest lecture? tangilbe vs intangible. if you have a receipt thats tangilbe. if you have to guess its intagnible. portfolio-which one do you pick and why? total cost of ownership: car analgoy. if you want to go buy a car , 40 grand isnt all your going to pay. you have to pay insuarcne. all that is the total cost. context diagram: bottom left is out of scope. the one thats a system that only feeds it. one on left is the only one that feeds system. whats diff between maintaiend and read only rollcall, should we expect our system to reat registered ut students. what if ut already has a registration system. registrar would be trustd. no spider graph. it measures product success along differnt criteraia. she judged wether it was stable or not. scope creep , adding a little bit to the system. projkect schedul assumption - based on asumption that you were going to get that money. book of knowledge - way of running projects. pmbok. direct cost company rents off a space. water cooler is the top floor, rooll call is the bottom floor. dont need middle floor anymore, that is a cost that you directl associaet with project. Indirect - could get a smaller building, is an indirect cost. overhead, rent have to have activiteis and project . each one should have deliveralbe, makes one person respondsible for that task. brooks law: if you have a project, running late, do you think it would help , too many people, adding more people doesnt help. The Study Guide summarizes the key topics that may be included on Exam 2.
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F10-Exam 2-Study Guide (2) - MIS302FFall2010...

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