941-954 regulated proteolysis

941-954 regulated proteolysis - • Wnts act by binding to...

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SIGNALING PATHWAYS DEPENDENT ON REGULATED PROTEOLYSIS OF LATENT GENE REGULATORY PROTEINS The receptor protein notch is a latent gene regulatory protein o Most widely used one o Produces nerve cells in Drosophila o Notch is a single pass transmembrane protein o Notch requires proteolytic processing to function o When activated by delta binding on another cell, a plasma membrane bound protease cleaves off the cytoplasmic tail of Notch, and the released tail translocates into the nucleus to activate the transcription of a set of Notch-response genes o Both notch and delta are glycoproteins Wnt proteins bind to frizzled receptors and inhibit the degradation of beta catenin o Wnts activate 3 types of signaling pathways Wnt/Beta-catenin pathway Acts by regulating the proteolysis if Beta-catenin Beta-catenin functions in cell-cell adhesion and gene regulation
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Unformatted text preview: • Wnts act by binding to both a Frizzled protein and a co-receptor protein • Beta-catenin in junctions helps link the cadherins to the actin cytoskeleton Planar polarity pathway Wnt/Ca2+ pathway o All 3 pathways begin with binding of Wnts to Frizzled family cell-surface receptors o Frizzled receptors are 7-pass transmembrane proteins that resemble GPCRs in structure o When activated by Wnt binding, Frizzled proteins recruit the scaffold protein Dishevelled o Degradation of cytoplasmic beta-catenin depends on degradation complex o LOOK AT PICTURE ON 949 • Hedgehog proteins bind to patched, relieving its inhibition of smoothened o • Many stressful and inflammatory stimuli act through an NFB dependent signaling pathway...
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941-954 regulated proteolysis - • Wnts act by binding to...

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