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Christopher Lee CL24532 Bushart 10-11am November 22, 2010 Cell Bio Extra Credit Question: Collagen is an example of one of many extracellular matrix components. Collagen is used as an injectable filler during cosmetic surgery. The material that is injected can be interfered with by “fibroblasts”. What is another extracellular matrix component that could help “fibroblasts” to organize collagen fibrils? Answer: Either Fibronectin or Laminin could be used to crosslink between a lot of
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Unformatted text preview: different extracellular components. Both of them have collagen binding sites. Laminin and Fibronectin can also be bound to cell surface binding proteins like dytroglycans or integrins. This would allow for the collagen to have greater organization. Another option is fibril associated collagens, which organize by associating along the length of fibrils....
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