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BIBC 102 Metabolic FINAL REVIEW WI08 Lauren Mack Jennifer Hoang Jacqueline Vu QUESTION 1 [14 points] a) NADH is oxidized via the electron transport chain with the eventual formation of water from oxygen. What are the complexes and mobile carriers involved in this oxidation, and what is the sequence of electron flow? (A simple schematic diagram with labels is required). b) Describe two major structures that can make a protein a conductor of electrons QUESTION 2 [12 points] The following diagram is a schematic representation of the oxygen concentration in a chamber containing mitochondria; various substrates, inhibitors or uncouplers are added as indicated, with the result that oxygen consumption is either stimulated or arrested. For each of the substances added, rationalize the observed result. QUESTION 3 [10 points] a) Explain briefly how one can explain the experimental observation that the P/O ratio (ATP made per 1/2 O 2 consumed) is not an integer (i.e. 3.0 or 2.0) b) Thermoregulation in brown adipose tissue is achieved by means of an uncoupling protein. What, precisely, is the function and role of this protein? QUESTION 4 [16 points] Cells often use the same enzyme reaction pattern for analogous metabolic conversions. The first stage in -oxidation of fatty acids follows a reaction sequence closely resembling a sequence in the citric acid
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bibc102finalreview - BIBC 102 Metabolic FINAL REVIEW WI08...

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