bipn 100 winter 2010 MT2

bipn 100 winter 2010 MT2 - BIPN 100, Mammalian Physiology I...

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BIPN 100, Mammalian Physiology I ANSWER KEY Winter, 2010 2nd Midterm Exam February 26, 2010 Page 1 1. (10 points). Izzy and Meredith are two interns that must make the right diagnosis during rounds before being allowed to scrub into surgery. Identify the area of damage or function for the following conditions. Indicate which side (left/right) is damaged when appropriate Graded by Jason A 70 year old man cannot create new long term memories but can remember the name of his high school. Hippocampus A woman cannot walk straight, loses her balance and cannot touch her nose with her eyes closed. Cerebellum A man has tremors in his hands and has difficulty walking and swallowing Basal Ganglia A man feels no emotion with music or fear when in a dangerous environment Amygdala Jack Nicholson’s character had a lobotomy that forever changed in personality in the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” causing damage to this area of the brain Prefrontal lobes A man becomes obese because he does not feel satisfaction even after eating 2 Double-Double burgers. He may have damage in this area of his brain. Hypothalamus A woman has paralyzed the left side of her body. Her left knee jerk reflex is increased. Right Motor Cortex of frontal lobe or left corticospinal (pyramidal) tract in the spinal chord A man can understand what he reads or hears, but cannot speak Broca’s Area A woman can speak, but what she says makes no sense Wernicke’s Area A man with a slipped intervertebral lumbar disk develops weakness and paralysis in his right leg Right ventral roots 2. (10 points). While bowling you drop the ball on your foot. You find that rubbing your toes decreases the pain. Diagram or list the pathway of the painful stimulus and the mechanism by which rubbing
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bipn 100 winter 2010 MT2 - BIPN 100, Mammalian Physiology I...

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