RNR 202 Exam 2 - Lecture Exam 2 RNR 202, Fall 2006, S.E....

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Lecture Exam 2 Name: ________ KEY ____________ RNR 202, Fall 2006, S.E. Smith Point totals are in brackets to the left of each question. Don't use complete sentences unless they are absolutely necessary. Do use abbreviations, underlining and symbols (e.g., ± , ² ,=, etc. ) to answer questions more efficiently. You have been given much more room to answer than you will probably need! 1. [2] Fruits of members of the Fabaceae are either a __ legume _____________, which dehisces longitudinally and does not have pronounced constrictions between the seeds or a ______ loment _________, which dehisces transversely and has pronounced constrictions between the seeds. 2. [10] The basic floral arrangement in the Poaceae is very distinctive. Using the structures from the list below, draw and label a single-floret spikelet. Structures : floret, glume, palea, lemma, pedicel Note that the glumes are part of the inflorescence and not the floret 3. [4] Many of the taxa included in this family(ies) produce unisexual flowers with a very reduced perianth and that occur within in catkins. a) Amaranthaceae b) Salicaceae ³ Both should be circled c) Fabaceae d) Onagraceae e) Fagaceae ³ 4. [2] Flowers in members of this family display a very well-developed hypanthium and have sepals,
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course RNR 202 taught by Professor Smith during the Fall '07 term at University of Arizona- Tucson.

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RNR 202 Exam 2 - Lecture Exam 2 RNR 202, Fall 2006, S.E....

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