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Unformatted text preview: law: A. B. C. D. Does not apply Provides a three–day right to cancel Requires disclosure of APR, payment terms, and variable–rate features Both B and C Dynasty School ( 15-25 REAL ESTATE FINANCE Answer Key: 1–C, 2–D, 3–B, 4–D, 5–A, 6–A, 7–D, 8–B, 9–C, 10–D 15-26 Licensing School for Appraisal, CPA, Contractors, Insurance, Real Estate, Notary, Nurse, Food Handlers, Tax and Securities APPENDICES CHAPTER 16: APPENDICES APPENDIX A: ADDITIONAL INTERNET RESOURCES www.imoneynet. com www.amo– www.fanniemaefoundation org www. www. www. www. www. www. www. (Mortgage strategies) Interest rating rates Interest rating rates Amortization schedules, closing costs Refi, debt consolidation, Mortgage Loan brokerage Fannie Mae Loan brokerage – Countrywide) Loan brokerage Loan brokerage (links) Affordability) Down loadable forms, etc. Non profit housing for seniors In man News Features Stewart Title Buying/Selling home R. E. Cyberspace Society Loan brokerage, Information on mortgage lending, banking, etc.) Home Gain Loan brokerage Mortgage Borrowing Loan brokerage Loan brokerage Loan brokerage Loan brokerage (Step–by–step guides Home buying essentials: loan application, rates, credit considerations Tax service and consulting firm loan auctions (Borrower posts criteria and Dynasty School ( 16-1 REAL ESTATE FINANCE lenders bid for the loan)] Media and consumers Real estate and personal financial reporter Loan brokerage Loan brokerage Loan brokerage Foreclosures, bank and government–owned real estate. ... Regulations for insurance companies, and insurance licen...
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