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Actions and Reactions - Actions and Reactions Rudyard...

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Actions and Reactions Rudyard Kipling Copyright © 2002 All Rights Reserved World Wide. World eBook Library, Public Access Collection. - To download the PDF version of this document become a member of the World eBook Library Consortia and gain unlimited access to the enhanced PDF eBook Collection. Membership to the World eBook Library Consortia is only $8.95 per year. Your $8.95 helps to support a variety of global literacy programs. 60,000 PDF eBooks and PDF eDocuments in 104 languages have been optimized for text to speak. Let your computer read to you. Join now and gain access to the world's largest PDF eBook Collection (60,000+ and growing daily). To join visit AN HABITATION ENFORCED THE RECALL GARM--A HOSTAGE THE POWER OF THE DOG THE MOTHER HIVE THE BEES AND THE FLIES WITH THE NIGHT MAIL. A STORY OF 2000 A. D. THE FOUR ANGELS A DEAL IN COTTON THE NEW KNIGHTHOOD THE PUZZLER THE PUZZLER LITTLE FOXES GALLIO'S SONG THE HOUSE SURGEON THE RABBI'S SONG AN HABITATION ENFORCED My friend, if cause doth wrest thee, Ere folly hath much oppressed thee, Far from acquaintance kest thee Where country may digest thee . . . Thank God that so hath blessed thee, And sit down, Robin, and rest thee. THOMAS TUSSER. It came without warning, at the very hour his hand was outstretched to crumple the Holz and Gunsberg Combine. The New York doctors called it overwork, and he lay in a darkened room, one ankle crossed above the other, tongue pressed into palate, wondering whether the next brain-surge of prickly fires would
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drive his soul from all anchorages. At last they gave judgment. With care he might in two years return to the arena, but for the present he must go across the water and do no work whatever. He accepted the terms. It was capitulation; but the Combine that had shivered beneath his knife gave him all the honours of war: Gunsberg himself, full of condolences, came to the steamer and filled the Chapins' suite of cabins with overwhelming flower-works. "Smilax," said George Chapin when he saw them. "Fitz is right. I'm dead; only I don't see why he left out the 'In Memoriam' on the ribbons!" "Nonsense!" his wife answered, and poured him his tincture. "You'll be back before you can think." He looked at himself in the mirror, surprised that his face had not been branded by the hells of the past three months. The noise of the decks worried him, and he lay down, his tongue only a little pressed against his palate. An hour later he said: "Sophie, I feel sorry about taking you away from everything like this. I--I suppose we're the two loneliest people on God's earth to-night." Said Sophie his wife, and kissed him: "Isn't it something to you that we're going together?" They drifted about Europe for months--sometimes alone, sometimes with chance met gipsies of their own land. From the North Cape to the Blue Grotto at Capri they wandered, because the next steamer
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Actions and Reactions - Actions and Reactions Rudyard...

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