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EGIL'S SAGA TRANSLATED FROM THE ICELANDIC BY REV. W. C. GREEN Copyright © 2002 All Rights Reserved World Wide. World eBook Library, Public Access Collection. http://worldLibrary.net - This eBook was obtained from the World eBook Library Consortia enhanced PDF eBook Collection. Membership to the World eBook Library Consortia is only $8.95 per year. Your $8.95 helps to support a variety of global literacy programs. 60,000 PDF eBooks and PDF eDocuments in 104 languages have been optimized for text to speak. Let your computer read to you. Join now and gain access to the world's largest PDF eBook Collection (60,000+ and growing daily). To join visit http://netLibrary.net/Join.htm CHAPTER I. Of Kveldulf and his sons. CHAPTER II. Of Aulvir Hnuf. CHAPTER III. The beginning of the rule of Harold Fairhair. CHAPTER IV. Battle of king Harold and Audbjorn. CHAPTER V. The king's message to Kveldulf. CHAPTER VI. Thorolf resolves to serve the king. CHAPTER VII. Of Bjorgolf, Brynjolf, Bard, and Hildirida. CHAPTER VIII. Of Bard and Thorolf. CHAPTER IX. Battle in Hafr's Firth. CHAPTER X. Thorolf in Finmark. CHAPTER XI. The king feasts with Thorolf. CHAPTER XII. Hildirida's sons talk with Harold. CHAPTER XIII. Thorgils goes to the king. CHAPTER XIV. Thorolf again in Finmark. CHAPTER XV. King Harold and Harek. CHAPTER XVI. Thorolf and the king. CHAPTER XVII Hildirida's sons in Finmark and at Harold's court. CHAPTER XVIII. Thorolf's ship is taken. CHAPTER XIX. Thorolf retaliates. CHAPTER XX. Skallagrim's marriage. CHAPTER XXI. Hallvard and his brother go after Thorolf. CHAPTER XXII. Death of Thorolf Kveldulfsson. CHAPTER XXIII. The slaying of Hildirida's sons. CHAPTER XXIV. Kveldulf's grief. CHAPTER XXV. Skallagrim's journey to the king. CHAPTER XXVI. CHAPTER XXVII. Slaying of Hallvard and Sigtrygg. CHAPTER XXVIII. Of Skallagrim's land-taking. CHAPTER XXIX. Of Skallagrim's industry. CHAPTER XXX. Of the coming out of Yngvar, and of Skallagrim's iron-forging. CHAPTER XXXI. Of Skallagrim's children. CHAPTER XXXII. Of lord Brynjolf and Bjorn, his son. CHAPTER XXXIII. Bjorn goes to Iceland. CHAPTER XXXIV. Of Skallagrim and Bjorn. CHAPTER XXXV. Thorolf goes abroad.
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CHAPTER XXXVI. Of Eric Bloodaxe and Thorolf. CHAPTER XXXVII. The journey to Bjarmaland. CHAPTER XXXVIII. Thorolf comes out to Iceland. CHAPTER XXXIX. Kettle Blund comes out to Iceland. CHAPTER XL. Of Egil's and Skallagrim's games. CHAPTER XLI. Of Bjorn. CHAPTER XLII. Thorolf asks Asgerdr to wife. CHAPTER XLIII. Of Aulvir and Egil. CHAPTER XLIV. The slaying of Bard. CHAPTER XLV. Flight of Egil. CHAPTER XLVI. Of Thorolf's and Egil's harrying. CHAPTER XLVII. Of the further harrying of Thorolf and Egil.
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