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R. A. Salvatore - Cleric Quintet - 02 In Sylvan Shadows

R. A. Salvatore - Cleric Quintet - 02 In Sylvan Shadows -...

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Cadderly moved his quill out toward the inkwell, then changed his mind and put the instrument down on his desk. He looked out the window at the foliage surrounding the Edificant Library, and at Percival, the white squirrel, tangling with acorns along the rain gutter of the lower level. It was the month of Eleasias,
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Highsun, the height of summer, and the season had been unusually bright and warm so high in the Snowflake Mountains. Everything was as it always had been for Cadderly-at least, that's what the young scholar tried to convince himself. Percival was at play in the sunshine; the library was secure and peaceful once more; the lazy remainder of summer promised leisure and quiet walks. As it always had been. Cadderly dropped his chin into his palm, then ran his hand back through his sandy brown hair. He tried to concentrate on the peaceful images before him, on the quiet summer world of the Snowflake Mountains, but eyes looked back at him from the depths of his mind: the eyes of a man he had killed. Nothing would ever be the same. Cadderly's gray eyes were no longer so quick to turn up in that boyish, full-faced smile. Determinedly this time, the young scholar poked the quill into the ink and smoothed the parchment before him. Entry Number Seventeen by Cadderly of Carradoon Appointed Scholar, Order of Deneir Fourth Day of Eleasias, 1361 (Year of the Maidens) It has been five weeks since Barjin's defeat, yet I see his dead eyes. Cadderly stopped and scribbled out the thought, both from the parchment and from his mind. He looked again out the window, dropped his quill, and rubbed his hands briskly over his boyish face. This was important, he reminded himself. He hadn't made an entry in more than a week, and if he failed at this year quest, the consequences to all the region could be devastating. Again the quill went into the inkwell. It has been five weeks since we defeated the curse that befell the Edificant Library. The most distressing news since then: Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder have left the library, in pursuit of Pikel's aspirations to druidhood. I wish Pikel well, though I doubt that the woodland priests will welcome a dwarf into their order. The dwarves would not say where they were going (I do not believe they themselves knew). I miss them terribly, for they, Danica, and Newander were the true heroes in the fight against the evil priest named Barjin-if that was his name. Cadderly paused for a few moments. Assigning a name to the man he had killed did not make things easier for the innocent young scholar. It took him some time before he could concentrate on the information necessary to his entry, the interview he had done with the interrogating priests. The clerics who called back the dead man's spirit warned me to take their findings as probable
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R. A. Salvatore - Cleric Quintet - 02 In Sylvan Shadows -...

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