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Unformatted text preview: BST 225, STA 225: Final Project, Spring 2006. This should be treated as a take-home exam rather than a homework assignment. You may use books, notes, or ask the instructor or TA for advice, but please do not confer with each other or other students, faculty or friends! Background: Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is one of the most fatal human cancers. Often, it is diagnosed quite late, when people already have extensive disease. The standard treatment for such people is chemother- apy, usually with cisplatin and another agent. Unfortunately, survival time remains poor. In addition, these treatments have some serious side effects (neutropenia, sometimes also anemia or thrombocytopenia) and some less serious side effects (diarrhea). Many SCLC tumors express a receptor tyrosine kinase called KIT. This protein is thought to help prevent cell destruction or to help tumors recover in between scheduled chemotherapy cycles. Cancer researchers had hoped that tyrosine kinase inhibitors might make chemotherapy more effective by blocking the action of KIT, but clinical trials so far have failed to show any real improvement in the dismal overall survival with standard chemotherapy. Suppose that our research team develops a new drug, BST-TIK that we hope will counter the effects of KIT, thus improve the efficacy of chemotherapy, and increase survival. This drug is a small molecule that binds selectively to the activated c-KIT receptor, thus blocking a different part of the pathway than the tyrosine...
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_Homework_finalproject - BST 225 STA 225 Final Project...

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