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PROBLEMS AND METHODS IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT (MSO11) Joe Alba (352) 273-3280 Materials “Notes” packet “Readings” packet Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore Business Articles Course Objectives and Description Because you will be receiving a graduate degree from UF, it is necessary to approximate the traditional core curriculum. We will cover all of the material covered in the full-time core class. In addition, this course includes a module on New Product Development. (In the traditional program, this material is taught as a separate elective course.) This module also allows us to consider numerous aspects of consumer behavior and analysis. This course deviates somewhat from traditional core marketing courses in that it adopts a strategic perspective. Whereas most core marketing courses focus on the “nuts and bolts” of classic marketing tactics (i.e., product, price, promotion, and distribution), we will emphasize issues that relate to competitive advantage. We will cover the classic tactics but with an eye toward strategy. By necessity, the formal instruction occurs through the lectures and readings. In all professional programs, however, students can and do learn a great deal from each other. The format of this program is especially conducive to interaction. Each of you brings a wealth of experience to the class, and you will be encouraged to share that experience (see below).
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