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Revised 9/21/10 Finance 5405: Business Financial Management Warrington College of Business University of Florida Professor Joel F. Houston MSO11 Instructor: Joel F. Houston 303D Stuzin Hall 352-392-7546 (Direct line to office) 352-392-0153 (Department office) 352-392-0301 (Fax) Email: Teaching Assistant: Dana Clark 352-692-0625 Email: Course Objectives: This course is designed for the general business student, not just the finance specialist. Since this is a survey course, we will cover many topics. We will begin with a general overview and then go into more detail on several concepts, financial instruments, and techniques used in financial decision-making. More specifically, by the end of the term, I hope that you are able to: 1. Conduct a detailed financial analysis of a company using its key financial statements. 2. Understand the institutional features of the bond market and be able to value different types of bonds. 3. Recognize how to value a common stock. We will discuss how to evaluate a company’s future prospects and how to use this information to decide if a stock is under- or over-valued. 4. Calculate a company’s cost of capital. 5. Estimate the cash flows and risk of corporate projects and use this information to decide whether the project enhances shareholder value. 6. Understand the effects of debt financing and use this information to determine the optimal mix of debt and equity capital when financing a business. 7. Recognize the factors that go into determining an optimal dividend policy and the benefits and drawbacks of repurchasing common stock.
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Beyond these specific objectives, I also hope by the end of the term that: 1. You will have a solid understanding of basic financial concepts, such as the time value of money, asset valuation, and risk and return. 2. You will understand the basic quantitative tools for analyzing financial problems. 3. You will have a grasp of basic finance principles and that you will have gone beyond just memorizing facts and formulas. This will enable you to better understand current events in finance and will provide a solid framework for any subsequent courses you may take in finance. As the course teaching assistant, Dana will be responsible for grading the individual quizzes and group assignment. She will also be available if you have questions about the course material throughout the semester. She will not be holding regular office hours, but please feel free to contact her (email is probably best) if you have any concerns/questions about your grade in the class. Course Outline and Topics Covered:
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Syllabus2010_MSO11 - Revised 9/21/10 Finance 5405: Business...

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