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American University of Beirut Suleiman S. Olayan School of Business BUSS 200 Case Analysis FALL 2010-2011 The case is due on January 17, 2011). Delays are not accepted . The case should be presented as a hard copy: TYPED. Results should be properly analyzed and explained; different parts should be clearly indicated. All results should be taken from EXCEL OUTPUT. NO CALCULATIONS PERFORMED MANUALLY Each student should evaluate the contribution of his group members. 1
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1. Fresh & Fun is a new fast-food chain with three outlets in a Midwestern community. The franchise owner is interested in determining if the service quality at the three is the same. She has developed a test in which she selected a group of people who were asked to eat at each of the three fast-food outlets. The order of visits to the three outlets was randomized, but each customer visited each outlet one time. After each visit, each customer rated the service on a scale of 1 to 1,000 with 1,000 being the highest rating. The results are shown in the following table: Customer Outlet 1 Outlet 2 Outlet 3 A 830 647 630 B 743 840 786 C 652 747 730 D 885 639 617 E 814 943 632 F 733 916
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Business_200_Fall_Project - American University of Beirut...

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