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Journalising transactions, posting to T-accounts and preparing a trial balance Rodney Troon opened a legal office on 2 December of the current year. During the first month of operations, the business completed the following transactions: Dec. 2 Troon deposited $50 000 cash in the business bank account Rodney Troon, Solicitor. 3 Purchased supplies, $500, and furniture, $2 600, on credit. 4 Performed legal service for a client and received cash, $1 500. 7 Paid cash to acquire land for a future office site, $22 000. 11 Prepared legal documents for a client on account, $900. 15 Paid secretary’s salary, $570. 16 Paid for the furniture purchased 3 December on credit. 18 Received $1 800 cash for helping a client sell real estate. 19 Defended a client in court and billed the client for $800. 29 Received partial payment from client on account, $400. 31 Paid secretary’s salary, $570. 31 Paid rent expense, $700. 31
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Additional_Question_on_Chapter_3 - Journalising...

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