RAM 382 exam 2 2007 - RAM 382 Spring 2007 Second Exam 100...

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1 RAM 382 Spring 2007 Second Exam 100 points 3 April 2007 Name:____ ANSWERS _______________________________ 1. Fire appears to encourage Eragrostis lehmanniana in the Desert Grassland. Based on findings reported by Sumrall et al. (1991), does the heat of the fire encourage germination of E. lehmanniana seeds? (3 points) NO 2. From measurements made on permanent plots at the Jornada Experimental Range, New Mexico, we we know that the cover of black grama and tobosa declined during the droughts in the 1950s. Compare the recovery of those two species following that drought until the end of measurements in 1979. (3 points) tobosa recovered by the mid 1960s, while black grama has yet to recover 3. Compare the average precipitation regimes experienced by the Arizona Chaparral and California Chaparral communities by describing when precipitation arrives during a year. (6 points) Arizona Chaparral: biomodal, winter and summer precipitation California Chaparral: unimodal, winter precipitation only 4. Fire in the Arizona Chaparral community can produce significant changes in the vegetation. We recognize two distinct responses to fire among the shrub species in this community, and we label the species in those two groups as obligate seeders and facultative seeders . What is the basic distinction in the mechanisms of post-fire recovery between these two groups of species? (3 points) obligate seeders must recover from fire by seed germination and cannot sprout from a living root system, whereas facultative seeders can sprout from a living root system as well as recover from seed germination Consider the influence of fire frequency on these two groups of species. Specifically, which group, obligate or facultative seeders , will be most negatively impacted by a frequency of 2 fires separated by 5 years, and explain the reason for your answer. Group
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course RAM 382 taught by Professor Mcclaran during the Spring '07 term at University of Arizona- Tucson.

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RAM 382 exam 2 2007 - RAM 382 Spring 2007 Second Exam 100...

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