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Quiz-1-Spring-2002 - rZIIII‘ t'mUiRSET L I B I A R Y HF...

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Unformatted text preview: rZIIII‘.\\ t'mUiRSET. L I B I: A R Y HF III-1H“?! AMERICAN UNIV. of BEIRUT QUIZ - | - M204 ' April 6,2002 Name: ................................. .. Sec: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 lnstructions: 1.Write your name and circle your section number. 2.Answer.in detail, every part in the space provided for item! circle your final resuItDo not mention just the answer. 3.The colored booklet Is for scratch work and will not be corrected, RESERVED FOR CORRECTOR I. II. III. IV. V. VI. QUIZ GRADE“ > I.The solution to a system of equations having the form AX I B can be found by , . . . if” '—‘.2 3 the matrix multiplication: X :‘i 3“ /’ ‘ Kf ‘5 f7 f 1.{5%) What is the original system of equations"? i a? k/ 7‘: " 772w! “t EL. 2, ar— ,+_)<\" }?C'L’ q 2 (10%) What is the solution? 7% \‘t + tribe?) ‘4 r N KEG W > |l.(‘lO%)The following matrix gives the transition probabilities related to a market dominated by two firms,A and B: T 08 li_2\i _ 0.6 (l4) Assume currently firm A has 30% of the market share. 1,(5%) Predict the market share of A in the next period. 2.(10%} Assume the transition matrix remains stabieFind the expected equitibrium shares of the two firms it they exist. > lll.(20%)Given the matrix :4 :«L K l.Determine A3 : A x ,4 2,Find just the 2"d row of :xlrlthe matrix of cotaotors of A }. 3.Use the‘resutt found in part t2)above,to find iAHNo other method is accegtable). MtiIirrjn a'\'r\‘!'-ZRSIT ' LI B t: .\ H Y (1.“ L'lilHL-"f x,\ 5 Miss Cramer‘s ruie to soive rust for x} in the system; A s_ = $10 . x3) 9-15 \ TH" ; if {=1 12-! ; {fie} > IV.(10%) Find the 2x4 matrix B for which by, :{ > V.(25%) A box contains eight different business books ,six different statistics books and three different history books. 1.What is the probabiiity that a randomiy seiected book is a history book? 2.1n how many ways can a student select one book of each type? haw}: .>-- 4 amt-2mm.» I‘M Ll B R A 1-: ‘i or: i:i:nu<'i W- ...
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Quiz-1-Spring-2002 - rZIIII‘ t'mUiRSET L I B I A R Y HF...

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