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CE3490-Mechanics of Materials, Summer 2010 Formula sheet for Exam 1 Stresses and Strains σ = P A normal τ = V A normal σ = P A proj ε = δ L Axial Deformation δ struct = P i L i E i A i therm = α i L i Δ T i = δ therm + δ struct Generalized Hooke’s law ε x = σ x E - ν σ y E - ν σ z E xy = τ xy G ,G = E 2(1+ ν ) Torsion τ = T ρ J = T i L i G i J i ,P = Tω,
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Unformatted text preview: 1hp = 6600 lb · in s = 746(W) J = πc 4 2 (Solid circular cross-section) π ( c 4 2-c 4 1 ) 2 (Hollow circular cross-section) Thin-walled hollow shafts q = T 2 A ,q = τt...
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