hw3_sol - 1.26 Two identical...

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Unformatted text preview: 1.26 Two identical 1inkage-and—hydraulic~cyiinder systems control the position of the forks of a fork—lift truck. The load supported by the one system shown is 1500 lb“ Knowing that the thickness of member ED is in, deter— mine (a) the average shearing stress in the %—ih.‘diameter pin at B, (b) the bear— ing stress at B in member BD. 1:40 The hori7.ontai~link 8C is in. thick, has a width w = L25. in, and made of a use] wiih a (SS—{m ultimaie strength in tension. What is the factor of safety if the structure shown is designed to support :1 ioud of P = leips? Pg a MZWO’MflLhfl F5 :1 DWWMW “155 In the structure shown, an 8»mm~diameter pin is used at A, and 12—mm-diameter pins are used at B and D, Knowing that the ultimate S1163?- ing stress is 100 MPa at 2111 connections and that the ultimate normal stress 15 25?) MP3 in each of the two links joining B and D, determine the allowabie load P if an overall factor of safety 0f 3.0 is desired. , Wye-puma; wwwwnmwwam gkefiyAgfé‘gfi & pm 4 ‘_‘ 3¢¥Hz§$merqu82¢LAW1yz~lau4metw awe,“qu Top View ( *112 mm 4 A C I rs— 200 mm —+~i«— 180 m m 12 mm 4;; Side View Fig, P156 ,« *3 «an: ...
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hw3_sol - 1.26 Two identical...

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