Yet it is just as worthy and in these perilous times

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Unformatted text preview: ofty as creating modern housing, a high-rise civilization, or a socially heterogeneous society. Yet it is just as worthy and, in these perilous times for social policy, has the advantage of being remotely possible. Author Alexander von Hoffman is a Fellow at the A. Alfred Taubman Center for State and Local Government, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. References Architectural Forum. 1938. Public Housing. 68(5):356–424. Architectural Forum. 1951. Slum Surgery in St. Louis. 94(4):128–36. Architectural Forum. 1966. Goldberg Variations. 125(4):25–33. Architectural Record. 1954. Multi-family Housing: Building Types Study Number 211. 115(6):170–87. High Ambitions: American Low-Income Housing Policy 443 Bae, David Y. 1995. Mill Creek Housing—Louis I. Kahn and Housing Reform. Seminar paper. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Bailey, James. 1965. The Case History of a Failure. Architectural Forum 123(5):22–25. Bauer, Catherine. 1933. “Slum Clearance” or “Housing.” The Nation 137(3575):730–31. Bauer, Catherine. 1934a. Modern Housing. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Bauer, Catherine. 1934b. Slums Aren’t Necessary. American Mercury 31(123):296–305. Bauer, Catherine. 1952. Clients for Housing: The Low-Income Tenant—Does He Want Supertenements? Progressive Architecture 33(5):61–64. Bauer, Catherine. 1957. The Dreary Deadlock of Public Housing. Architectural Forum 106(5):140–42. Bauer, Catherine, James W. Rouse, Ellen Lurie, William L. C. Wheaton, Charles Abrams, Henry Churchill, Stanley Tankel, Elizabeth Wood, Vernon Demars, Lee F. Johnson, and Carl Feiss. 1957. The Dreary Deadlock of Public Housing II. Architectural Forum 116(6):139–41, 218, 222–32. Bauman, John F. 1987. Public Housing, Race, and Renewal: Urban Planning in Philadelphia, 1970–1974. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Biles, Roger. 1990. Nathan Straus and the Failure of U.S. Public Housing, 1937–1942. The Historian 52(1):33–46. Birch, Eugenie, and Deborah Gardner. 1981. The Seven-Percent Solution: A Review of Philanthropic Housing, 1870–1910. Journal of Urban History 7(4):404–38. Bovard, James. 1994. Suburban Guerrilla. The American Spectator 27(9): 26–32. Bowly, Devereaux. 1978. The Poorhouse: Subsidized Housing in Chicago, 1895–1976. Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University Press. Brodt, Bonita. 1986. Dream of Progress Died Quickly at Taylor Homes. Chicago Tribune, December 3. Chapin, F. Stuart. 1940. An Experiment on the Social Effects of Good Housing. American Sociological Review 6(5):868–79. Chicago Housing Authority. 1956–1963. Annual Report. Chicago. Cole, Mary Susan. 1975. Catherine Bauer and the Public Housing Movement, 1926–1937. Ph.D. Diss., George Washington University. Committee on Subsidized Housing/Absentee Landlord Issues. 1993. Setting the Course: A Plan for Housing Policy Reform. Boston: City of Boston. 444 Alexander von Hoffman Cousineau, Christine. 1989. Tenement Ref...
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