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the urban machine - A nna Shilova U rban Planning and...

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Anna Shilova Urban Planning and Studies : 1 November 14, 2010 The Devestation of Segregation Sometimes the issues run deeper than momentary sparks of anger and violence. City riots in America existed long before the words urban planning came to mind. Chicago’s development of urban organization, or living spaces, driven by machine policies resulted in huge disparities between race and living conditions of the culture of Chicago because of lack of priority and lack of addressing the real issues at the political level. The poor urban planning techniques contributed to the riots and racial tensions that was created in the ghettos throughout the city. In fact, all policey to attempt to address the issues of poverty, in fact further encourgaed racial isolation and economic disparity. For instance, projects such as the construction of the Expressway and the urban renewal plans did not in fact ease the burden of urban isolation; the physical maps continued to add to the isolation based on race and class. The City of Chicago ran by the fuel of the political machine; the politcal machine had the ability to shift policey
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And a failure to address the issues and simply quell the accelerating conflict Segregation on the urban planning policies: the interstate highway The results of such separation and segregation: riots and the ghettos The issues at hand of social disparity and disintegration came from ward districts that actually benefited from segregate voters by districts in order to gather a voting policy that would add fuel to the gigantic machine known as the political machine. For instance, Chicago had a certain amount of ward districts, categorized by race, order, and nationality, in order to gather support for voting in this world. The machine was able to mobilize due its accessibility to ward districts and subcommittees. The Daley machine would consolidate when it had no form of competition between parties. The city of Chicago was divided geographically into ward districts; headed by the adelman, he was supposed to represent interests of the residents living there. However, the 'geographical boundaries of the wards {were} drawn largely to
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the urban machine - A nna Shilova U rban Planning and...

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