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MTE 550 Plasma Processing of Thin Films – Basics and Applications Homework #2 (Due back by Monday 10/1) 1. In some vacuum systems there is a gate valve consisting of a gasketed metal plate that acts to isolate the chamber above from the pumps below. a. A sample is introduced into the chamber at 760 torr while the isolated pumps are maintained at 10 -6 torr. For a 15 cm diameter opening, what force acts on the valve plate to seal it? b. The chamber is forepumped to a pressure of 10 -2 torr. What force now acts on the valve plate?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Two identical lengths of piping are to be joined by a curved 90 o elbow section or a sharp right-angle elbow section. Which overall assembly is expected to have a higher conductance? Why? 3. After evacuation of a chamber whose volume is 30 liters to a pressure of 10-6 torr, the pumps are isolated. The pressure rises to 1 x 10-3 torr in 3 minutes. a. What is the leak rate? b. What ultimate pressure can be expected if a diffusion pump with an effective speed of 40 l/s is attached to the chamber?...
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