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Unformatted text preview: CMPT 120 Assignment 3 (2%) Submit your solutions to courses by Saturday, October 9, 2010 2:00pm 1. [6 marks] ASCII Conversion Place your answers in a3q1.txt . (a) [3 marks] Convert the 6-character string “ Hello! ” into ASCII. Use 8 bits per character. (b) [3 marks] The following sequence is encoded in 8-bit ASCII. What is the string? 0100 0111 0010 0111 0100 0100 0110 0001 0111 1001 0010 0001 2. [6 marks] Finding Spaces Write a program that reports every occurrence of a space: Enter a string: The quick brown fox jumps again! There’s a space in position 3. There’s a space in position 9. There’s a space in position 15. There’s a space in position 19. There’s a space in position 25. You can examine the character in position i from the string s , by using indexing: s[i] . The leftmost character of a string is s[0] . For example: if s[0] == ’r’: print "Shiver me timbers!" Hint: The function range(len(s)) will give you the sequence of positions of the characters in the string...
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