stalin - List and discuss several ways in which technology...

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List and discuss several ways in which technology is changing the newspaper industry and the newspaper itself as a medium. The world has changed very quickly in ten years; virtually every extension of media has been affected. One of the most important is newspapers: they have been the source of information for Americans for thousands of years. With the internet age newspaper companies knew they would have to adapt to the new tech savvy American consumer. Almost every newspaper from national (New York Times) to local (Dearborn Press& Guide) has a website where you can read stored articles; each website has convenient tabs for business, health or sports news with many other options. Newspapers have been threatened with the rapid change in consumer technology. The nostalgic image of Dad reading the newspaper in the morning at the kitchen table seems very obsolete today. Americans are busier then ever, they need to check news when it is convenient for them whether that is waiting in line at the grocery store or at a lunch break. Technology has changed the newspaper industry, since television people could no longer wait to see who won the presidential election; they saw debates and inaugurations instead of having to read about them. Same with internet, a new feature with yahoo mail is up to date news feed which you can customize to show local, national or global news stories. MSN, AOL and Yahoo each have news articles updated hourly, with many articles on different subjects. People can do many things with online newspapers, they can obviously read articles they can also find movie reviews game reviews. You
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stalin - List and discuss several ways in which technology...

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