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MUSIC 100: Understanding Music Conrad Grebel University College Instructor: Dr. John Brownell Email: through ACE Class Time: Tuesday, Thursday – 11:30-12:50 Location: CG 1111 (Great Hall) Office Hours: by appointment Course Description This course presents a broad overview of European art music and develops skills and concepts that can contribute to knowledgeable listening. Though the focus is on the music of a particular rich tradition, the technical and theoretical concepts introduced in this course are fundamental to music discourse in many genres and idioms. No knowledge of music notation is necessary. Textbook (required) Yudkin, Jeremy 2010 Understanding Music, Sixth Edition . Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Buy the text only and not the accompanying CD set. Musical examples will be available online in a Music 100 folder in the Classical Music Library at the UW library website. To connect from off-campus you must “Connect from Home” from the UW Library homepage http://www.lib.uwaterloo.ca/ . You will need to supply the barcode from your Watcard and your last name. There is a course website on UW-ACE. All assignments, listening lists, lecture notes, test results and other information of note will be posted there. Stay tuned. Evaluation Listening Quiz 15% September 23 Midterm Test 25% October 26 1 st Concert Review 10% Due at Final Exam 2 nd Concert Review 10% Due at Final Exam Optional short presentation (10%) To be determined Final Exam 40% (30%) Exam Period, TBA 1
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Class Expectations Bring the text to each class. The many listening guides and illustrations will be referred to frequently. Assigned readings should be completed before each class begins. It is a good idea to listen to each meeting’s listening assignments at least once before class and then repeat and relisten as necessary. Remember that the primary subject matter of this course is music. . . sound . Writings about music (the textbook), while crucial, are supplemental
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