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Chapter 3-1-2 - Place Supermarket The Mall Service NYSE...

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1 Allocation System Markets and Money Chapter 3 sections 1 & 2 Markets and Exchange Allocation Systems determine who gets goods and services and who does not. A market is a place or service that enables buyers and sellers to exchange goods and services. Barter is the exchange of goods and services directly, without the involvement of money. Monetary exchanges involve exchanging money for goods and services. Allocation Systems Who gets the goods and services? Government determined First come first served Lottery System—random The Market System—income earners buy goods and services Which System Works? Fairness --none of the systems are fair, scarcity means someone gets left out. Incentives increase supplies and raise standards of living in a market system. Production Possibilities Curve Markets Markets enable the exchange of goods and services.
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Unformatted text preview: Place Supermarket The Mall Service NYSE eBay 2 Barter—considerations • Barter requires a double coincidence of wants —each party to the exchange must want what the other has to trade. – Transactions costs —the costs of making an exchange—are high in barter exchanges. – Money reduces the transactions costs because it does not require a double coincidence of wants. • In barter, the price of one good in terms of the other is called the relative price . It is the rate of exchange between the two goods. Bartering Boom • The Internet has reduced the transaction costs of bartering. • Web sites like BigVine help individuals and small businesses barter online. • Sites offer a diverse range of products and services – from accounting to car repair, and restaurant meals to advertising space....
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