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Probability_Distributions_CBRisk.doc, 11/4/2002Created by Roger Grinde Page 1 of 2 Summary of Probability Distributions For Crystal Ball, all of these distributions can be used either from Crystal Ball’s “Gallery” (defined as assumption cells), or by explicitly writing the “CB.” function as a regular Excel formula. For @Risk, they can be entered through the “Add Distribution” button/menu item, or typed directly into the cell. There are even more probability distribution functions than these, and many of these additional, optional parameters. You can see what these are by using Excel’s function wizard. Distribution CB Function @Risk Function Description Binomial =CB.Binomial( p,n ) =RiskBinomial( n , p ) Returns the number of "successes" in a sample of size n where each trial has a probability p of "success." Poisson =CB.Poisson( λ ) =RiskPoisson( λ29 Returns a random number of “events” occurring per some unit of measure (for example, calls per hour, defects per yard, and so on). The parameter λ represents the rate of events occurring per unit of measure. General Discrete =CB.Custom(2-column cell range) =RiskDiscrete({X-values}, {Prob-values}) Returns one of the n values in the first column of the range. The probabilities must be in the second column of the range. For example, CB.Custom(A2:B5) would return one of the values in A2:A5, according to the probabilities listed in cells B2:B5. Continuous
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Probability_Distributions_CBRisk - Summary of Probability...

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