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Unformatted text preview: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Handout 10 6.046J/18.410J: Introduction to Algorithms February 25, 2003 Professors Piotr Indyk and Bruce Tidor Problem Set 3 This problem set is due at the beginning of class on Thursday, March 20, 2003 . Note that you have three weeks to do it in. Each problem is to be done on a separate sheet (or sheets) of paper. Mark the top of each sheet with your name, 6.046J/18.410J, the problem number, your recitation section, the date, and the names of any students with whom you collaborated. Problem 3-1. Priorities Brian Dean is a VERY busy TA. He often has so many things to do he can’t even figure out which one he should do first. Nitin Thaper has offered to help him by assigning ’priority’ numbers to each of Brian’s tasks. Nitin guarantees no two tasks will have the same priority. Now, content with at least having priorities, Brian writes all his tasks down on paper, and simply works on the one that is most important until he finishes it. As new tasks appear, Nitin is more than happy to assign a ’priority’ number to each of them. But Brian would like to be somewhat more efficient in how he processes all that data. Assume that there are n tasks Brian is working on. Each has an integer associated with them that represents the priority. Your task is to analyze the running time of each of these ideas (do not provide an algorithm unless we ask how): (a) If Brian were to store all his tasks in an array, along with the priority values assigned to them: • How long does it take to search for a task of specific priority?...
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ps3 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Handout 10...

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