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philo quiz 1 qn - 8 Discuss civil disobedience How has it...

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Philosophy 100 Quiz #1 Study Questions 1. What is globalization? Discuss the positive aspects and the negative aspects. 2. According to Prabhu, what are the two different models to which the events of September 11 point? 3. What is the main point Socrates made by telling the story about the oracle of Delphi? 4. How do you think Socrates would answer to the question, “How should one live?” 5. What is the “social contract?” Discuss its application to today’s issues of globalization. 6. What are crito’s main argument in favor of Socrates’ escape? 7. According to Dr. King, what is the difference between just and unjust laws? Are the differenced compatible? For example, could not a law passed and obeyed by the majority be unjust? Can you think of an example?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Discuss civil disobedience. How has it been used? Give several examples and discuss the outcome of its use. Was it effective? What are the steps one should take? 9. What is Discovery Doctrine? What is Norman Yoke? 10. What was the purpose of the BIA, as presented in the video, “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse?” Compare its purpose to the contemporary war in Iraq. Can you see any parallels between it and the interim government in Iraq? 11. Discuss two common objections given to Marx and Engels “Manifesto.” How does Marx (and Engels) respond to these objections? What is surplus value? What is exploitation, according to Karl Marx?...
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