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iatu 103 campbell chap 4-6

iatu 103 campbell chap 4-6 - After reading more of the...

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After reading more of the chapters, I think the story is getting more and more interesting. I think in these 3 chapters, there are two main points. First, it is that there’s a slight improvement in the situation in terms of the racial issues. The president / head of the bank was beginning to allow more and more people from the different races to hold those important positions, i.e. the managers. This is good even though there are still some objections to it, which shows the presence of racism still strongly existed. However, what I think is it is really good that the president had made an effort to try to decrease the jealousy or the discrimination among the races. The second thing is that about the persistence of Esther of not wanting to accept the Whites. This concept can be clearly seen throughout the chapters, even starting from chapter 1. Actually, I can understand why Esther had such thoughts; however, I think there’s a need to give people chances to correct her opinions and concepts about the
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