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In response to the question that is written in red at the end of the page, I have tried to search in the internet, and most of the websites wrote that multicultural is something that has got to do with the different values, beliefs, behaviors, language, and religions that are passed down through the generations. Some websites even associate multicultural with art and entertainment. However, what I personally think when I see the word ‘multicultural’ is that of the various races, languages, beliefs and religions that exist in a country / countries that are not fixed, and are shaped according to the environment of which the people are living in. A simple example would be that I am a Chinese, and so are my parents. However, my parents and I grew up in a different period of time. During my parents’ time, many people
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Unformatted text preview: didn’t find a need to let daughters to receive too high of education, because what they believe is that girls will eventually get married and will be with their husbands, staying at home, taking care of the kids, and not working. Men are the ones who work. However, this belief has changed now. Many people treat their daughters and sons equally in terms of receiving the education. The number of women and men now are almost equal in the workforce. Yet, in some countries, probably those of the underdeveloped ones, may still have the belief of sons are more important than daughters in receiving high education, still be instilled in them. Therefore it’s actually depending on the environment where the people are living in....
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