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iastU 103 - campbell chap 7 - 10

iastU 103 - campbell chap 7 - 10 - at all And on top of...

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After reading till chapter 10 of the book, I found out that there are more and more people getting involved in the story. The one that’s mostly talked about was Kirk, who had been appointed by the president to be the new regional branch manager, believing that his decision would help to improve the bank’s condition. This is especially so because Kirk was a very diligent worker, in which later on in the story he gained the support of his coworkers, because of his hardworking way of doing things. Other than this incident, the chapters still talked about the racism that’s still twirling in the characters. The main racist incident that happened was that when Kirk got robbed. There was a sentence in the chapter (chapter 9), ‘He’d read somewhere that black people drank an inordinate amount of malt liquor’ (page 133). Kirk had such a thought just because he smelled the beer of the two men that robbed him; however, he didn’t see them
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Unformatted text preview: at all. And on top of that he assumed that they are two black men. This really showed his biased perception on the blacks, which again showed another obvious discrimination between the people of the different skin color. Again, assumptions had led people to be judgmental. I’ve always thought that assumptions aren’t a good way accusing people. For me, I’ll only believe a situation if there are evidences or facts that’ll force me to have the thinking. Other than that, I also have some assumptions when I were judging something, because it’s just the human nature that assumptions exist in all of us, however I often ignored those assumptions, and instead try to confirm the situation by looking for the evidence and facts. This is to reduce any of the misunderstanding or misconception that may arise between the involved parties, and I think this is a really good effort....
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