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After finish reading the session (session 3.2), I think now I know what’s the difference between race and ethnic. I’ve always thought that they are referring to the same meaning, however, I just realized it that they’re not. Is it that race concerns mostly about the physical difference, like the skin color, the facial features, etc, while ethnic is more about the relation of the people with their own group of people, such as of the same race? By looking at the table where there are the different stages, we can classify ourselves to those stages. I think this is a good table, especially to increase our self awareness about our multicultural spirit. If I were to classify myself, I would be on the fifth stage on the right side of the table (the minority group in US). I’m considered one of the minority groups of people in US, as I came from Indonesia. Since the age of 9, my parents have sent me abroad to study. Before I came to US, I was first sent to Singapore, where there
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Unformatted text preview: are 4 different races exist in that country altogether, Malay, Caucasian, Indian, and Chinese. All the schools there consist of a mix of the different races, and the citizens there really appreciate each of the different races and cultures. We celebrate any of the holidays that the different races have, and respect each other a lot. Moreover, I stayed in a dorm where there are many people form different races, so most of the time I was spending my time with them. Therefore, since young, I’ve been automatically exposed to the multicultural, and thus living with people of the different races was not a new thing for me, and it has inculcate a strong sense of respecting the different racial rights in me. Therefore I classify myself at a stage where there is open mindedness in learning the different cultures....
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