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iastu 103 sess. 2.3 & 2.4

iastu 103 sess. 2.3 & 2.4 - In session 2.3 what Cyrus...

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In session 2.3, what Cyrus said about that we need to start to have an understanding of our own society before we can begin to understand and interact with other cultures, is definitely true. For me personally, I think we need to know what happens / going on in where I am living in first, before I can understand about the cultures of others. That is why sometimes when I understand something about other cultures, I’ll automatically relate on to my own culture, and then make some compare and contrast with it to set my opinions on the other cultures. However, sometimes what we think about the other cultures maybe right or wrong. So when we voice out our opinions, we’ll have to be careful on our words and we should know what is right to say and what is not. This is because we need to value other cultures as mush as we want people to respect our culture. Therefore, people will sometimes agree with our opinion or other times not (especially when we misunderstands a culture). Yet from here, what I think is that we should accept the different views that we
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