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When the author mentioned that he wanted to write “a history of the people, by the people, for the people… narrative history, with the inclusion of stories and voices…”, it captivated me the most. This is because usually people will only narrate stories, and then they’ll include their own opinions on the situations / stories. Little will they put in the true feelings and the views of the people who went through the experience themselves. Now that these people (the workers who live and work at the plantation) have the chance to voice out their feelings, everybody will then be able to understand more clearly about the situations that they had gone through. If it was told by someone else who didn’t experience the situation themselves, no matter how detailed that person was trying to say, his stories won’t be as complete as the stories of the people who have gone through the
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Unformatted text preview: whole experience themselves. For example during the racial riots that happened in Indonesia in 1998, where many of the Chinese Indonesian were killed and taken advantage of, what may be heard and seen from the local news and newspapers were just the stories & opinions that they think were "safe" to write. So there's little chance for others to know what we really felt regarding the unfair treatment that we received at that time. That’s why by taking that into account, I think I will enjoy reading this book, as it has somehow made the book to be more authentic as the sources are reliable enough. Also, I was amazed by the efforts that this author is willing to put in to interview that many people, and put their own voices into the book. Subject: RE:Takaki: Prologue...
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