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wk 1 & 2 - IdeasLooping

wk 1 & 2 - IdeasLooping - vegetarian s live longer than...

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My Research Project  www.bedfordresearcher.com Generate Ideas for a Topic: Looping In your research log, use looping to generate ideas for a topic. Looping is a form  of freewriting in which you write for a set amount of time (say five minutes) and  read what you have written. Then you identify one key idea in what you have  written and use it as the basis for a new freewriting session.  Select a response from your freewriting activity and carry out the following  looping  exercise. 1. Paste the response at the top of your word processing file or write it at the  top of a page in your notebook. Then freewrite for five more minutes about  the response. One key idea from my #1 answer of my freewriting  activity is   that  vegetarian  diet is as healthy as  meat eating  diet  and can even be   healthier . I think this is true, because there are a lot of cases where
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Unformatted text preview: vegetarian s live longer than meat eaters. Also, they tend to have lesser sicknesses compared to the meat eaters. Apart from that, the vegetarian diet is becoming popular nowadays, and by looking at their reasons in adapting this lifestyle will further convince my readers of my points. 2. Identify the best idea in this freewriting. My Research Project www.bedfordresearcher.com The best idea in this freewriting is that to provide the health facts of meat eating diet and vegetarian diet . By using the comparison method, people can not only be more aware of their health diet but also they can be further convinced that indeed vegetable is needed for healthy lifestyle, even though it seemed that meat contains lots of proteins, and other food substances that are needed for the body....
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wk 1 & 2 - IdeasLooping - vegetarian s live longer than...

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