Questions Emerson Self Reliance

Questions Emerson - Sarah Horng Period 6 Questions Emerson Self Reliance 1 All people are great thinkers like(moses Plato etc We all have great

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Sarah Horng Period 6 3/1/10 Questions Emerson Self Reliance 1. All people are great thinkers like (moses Plato etc). We all have great thoughts but we underestimate it. Books, history, and the heavens are not where the answers lie. But the answers all come from within. All great men have dismissed nooks and traditions, even if society is against them. They have all expressed their own pure thoughts. We let books, and traditions take over our thoughts, so we are unable to express the, and purely mold our own opinions, and must take the opinions and thoughts of another person. Do not believe the people who claim they know more divine when they are well-versed in ancient text and foreign languages. We should not worship the past, we have all the truth right here In the present. 2. There is a time when we can agree that “envy is ignorance; and “imitation is suicide.” If we have envy, this means we are not satisfied with our own inner genius, and are unaware of our own inner talents that only we can discover on our own. Imitation kills imagination and our own special gift of originality. 3. Emerson uses the metaphor of the iron string to show the power of our emotions and intuition. If you are in touch with the iron string, which exist for everyone, you will learn to be content with who you are and where you are. We must appreciate where fate have brought us. Great men trust their emotions like a child, and you will get true satisfaction when you tried your best and truly put your heart to work. 4. Infancy and boyhood are admirable because they don’t conform, adult conform to them. For example, the infant is surrounded by adults who are eager to please it, they have eyes of mystery, because they have a charm we try to capture, but cannot conquer. We are confused by their non-conformity. Children, do not second guess their impressions, they do not burden themselves with the thoughts of consequences. Thus children have the charm of neutrality and innocence. Grown men fear his unfiltered thoughts, and pure original opinions. 5. _ 6. Society acts as an adversary to “manhood” of its members. Emerson encourages living in solitude, because society is cumbersome blockade to self-discovery. We are more sensitive to our own thoughts. Society is not sensitive to individuals, and required conformity, and the sacrifice of expressed free thought. 7. Emerson does not like traditions and believes that “good” and “bad” are just names. Only good exist. You should not follow the “mold’ society gives you, with their presets of what is right or wrong, live “wholly” for yourself, and only do the things you are motivated to do. b:Emerson does not think his impulses “come from below”, but if he is a “Devil’s Child” he will live for the Devil. He does not believe in evil, and that good and bad can be perceived in many different ways, and varies from each
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Questions Emerson - Sarah Horng Period 6 Questions Emerson Self Reliance 1 All people are great thinkers like(moses Plato etc We all have great

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