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Lecture 9 - Nazism

Lecture 9 - Nazism - Nazism Stalinism and Totalitarianism I...

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Nazism, Stalinism and Totalitarianism I) Introduction: Communism and Fascism in Practice: The Totalitarian State A) A New Style of Politics: Totalitarianism- Image of a regime in which the state controls everything. much more insidious than the idea that the state controls everything: repression alone couldn't produce that unified social order. Involves a great deal of consent. Insistence on voluntary nature of submission. Individual becomes convinced of the necessity of the power and organization of everyone around a single goal. Result: full mobilization, engagement, not just passive sitting back. Must be actively involved. Never been a perfectly totalitarian state because there's always little gaps in authority. “islands of separateness”. All the things mass society made a totalitarian regime a possibility-20 th century phenomenon. Stalin and Hitler: mass manipulators of mass society and getting that single message out to the population. In 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution: traditional communities: Stalin must create conditions of mass society and then manipulate them. This is why the Bolshevik proj. was so much more destructive internally. General model: mass society provided the tools for totalitarian rule, provides method and fascism and communism provides the goal. Share the goal of anti- individualism. Totalitarianism: eradicating individual goals and focusing on single goal of the state. 1) The Paradox of Mass Mobilization and Dictatorship 2) Consent and Terror 3) The Tools of Mass Society II) Building the Nazi Regime (READER, Hitler Selections)-million of people were on board: voluntarily many Germans joined. Masters of propaganda, mass rallies, uniforms, speeches, films, radio programs-to get out the message. A) Consent and Terror in the Road to Power-first to use this mass propaganda effectively. After 1933, they are the first to successfully monopolize all the techniques of propaganda: totalitarian idea: taking all radio channels in germany and making them a single, state-run network: state can control what is on every radio program. Same with film industry. Also used mass arrests, murder. This combo of terror and consent that made them in the master manipulators. Outliers who refuse to be brought onboard are silenced.
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