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Description Page 1 Decision Analysis Vancouver Development Corporation (VDC) has purchased land for a luxury, waterfront condominium complex. The site provides a spectacular view of downtown Vancouver. The individual units will be priced from $300,000 to $1,200,000 depending on the floor the unit is located on, the square footage of the unit and optional features such as fireplaces and large balconies. The financial success of the project will depend heavily on the decision that VDC makes regarding the size of the condominium project. The company has prepared preliminary drawings for four different project sizes as listed below: d1 = a small complex with 6 floors and 30 units d2 = a medium complex with 12 floors and 60 units d3 = a large complex with 18 floors and 90 units d4 = a huge complex with 18 floors and 60 units A key factor in selecting one of these decision alternatives involves managements assessment of the demand for the condominiums. To some extent, management can influence
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Decanal.ST.9B.L10X - Description Decision Analysis...

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