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COMM 296 Project Outline - GROUP ASSIGNMENTS COMM 296:...

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GROUP ASSIGNMENTS COMM 296: Introduction to Marketing Sections 101 & 102 – September 2010 Marketing analysis and planning are significant activities for the majority of firms. The purpose of this series of assignments is for you, working as part of a team , to apply the concepts you learn in your coursework to marketing analysis and planning for a real good or service. Each team of 5-6 students will choose one of the following organizations as the basis for all four group assignments:; Lululemon; Mars; Starbucks; Tourism Vancouver; or Unilever (either Axe or Dove brands). “Company Guides” have been created by the reference librarians of the David Lam Library to jump-start your research: . Additional research will be required, but the Company Guides will give you direction to begin. ASSIGNMENT 1: Situation Analysis (Marketing Environment) and SWOT – (7%) – due Sunday, October 3 Effective marketing strategies can only be created after a thorough situation analysis of the current and future internal and external conditions under which a company will compete. Part A: Research and analyze the immediate and macro environments of your chosen company/product. Maximum 3 pages single-spaced, either point-form or brief paragraphs. Cite all sources using in-text citations or footnotes. Customers/Consumers: Who are the current customers? What is the estimated size of the market? How do customers buy and use the product? What factors do they consider when choosing between competitors? How loyal are customers? How do customers define the company’s product category; i.e. what products do they consider to be competitive (direct, indirect, and marketplace competitors)? etc. Summarize the company’s relevant history and background, mission/vision, culture, resources, key success factors, etc. How has the company been successful so far? What types of partners (e.g. suppliers, service providers, consultants, etc.) help it succeed, and what are their strengths/weaknesses? What types of partners is it missing? etc.
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COMM 296 Project Outline - GROUP ASSIGNMENTS COMM 296:...

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