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starbucks consumers - Acxiom Database marketing...

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Acxiom Database marketing With the right database tools, brands can use social media to identify consumers' interests and tailor and track their campaigns, writes Sieve Plimsoll hen Howard Schultz, thefounderand former CEO of Starbucks, returned to a hands-on roleat the coffee chain in 2008, he brought with him an integrated turnaround plan. At its heart: not a multi- million dollar TV campaign, but instead, asocial network strategy that aimed to engage with Starbucks'6m-plus Facebook fans and 1 m Twitter followers. For Starbucks, read also Nike, Appleand McDonald's, the latter of which recently appointed its first social media chief. These global brands have made social media activation an integral part of their advertising and marketing efforts, for its cost-effectiveness and ability to gener- ate deeper customer engagement on consumers'own terms. For marketers, that one-to-one relationship with cus- tomers is so vita!. While a few short years ago,social networkingwas a relative un- known, nowwe spend the majority of our internet time on the likes of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Social media presents an enormous opportunity to reach people in a new way and, more significantly perhaps, to garner previouslyunavailable information about customers.Thechallengeishowtodoit. Whileconsumers have taken the oppor- tunities afforded by social media and run with them, the marketing wortdhasbeen slower to follow. So far, brands have effec- tively taken this new media and applied traditional advertising methods to it, often simplyputting up a banner ad. Yet we knowpeople see thousands of ads a day and have learned to shut the majority of them out. To overcome this and get that sought after one-to-one relationship with customers on social media,brands need to revolutionise howthey talk to people. This meansapplyingnew methods to the channel combined with traditional DM principles. A few brands are leading the way, noticeably Dell, which has report- edly made more than $6m in revenue from its Twitter activity alone. It uses the channel for customer service, as a way of 400m people are active
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starbucks consumers - Acxiom Database marketing...

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